Bitter Gourd Salan
Bitter Gourd Salan
After Drinking Bitter Melon Smoothie
Bitter Gourd Curry
Bitter Melon  Smoothie
Bitter Melon From The Inside
Cooking Bitter Melon Curry
Drinking Bitter Melon Smoothie
7days Shop From Outside

In the 7 Days Shop on the Moselstraße 12 one can find a very unique and extremely healthy vegetable, that is called Bitter Melon. It comes from the East and is quite complicated to prepare.

It looks promising and tasteful at first, yet one might regret his choice severely afterwards.

However I asked from the shop owner for some cooking tips and looked up all the possible Bitter Melon cooking recipes on the internet as well. I got me all necessary items and spices from the shop.

I cooked two different dishes: Bitter Melon Salan and Bitter Melon Curry, and pressed one smoothie.

It all looked great and tasty. But sadly, even with the strongest hunger I wasn’t able to eat more than one spoonful nor drink more than one sip.

I was disappointed. Yet they say – beauty requires victims.