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Shuch Krolla is a shoe store located in Münchener Strasse 16 that offers quality shoe options for over 100 years (since 1911) . It is now owned by a friendly and kind couple who is always available to help and explain everything about the shoes quality and characteristics. The owner was willing to talk about the art of making shoes, and I enjoyed his narration about the older era. Through his stories of the golden years of the store, I was able to get another picture regarding not only the store but also the entire Bahnhof area. He referred to customers preferences and habits to do some other kind of research before buying shoes. This, of course, was not just about shoes but also any type of goods. Banhof was filled with such private and family shops that could easily be diversified from one another and distinguished as unique. Nowadays this has changed. The consumer is looking for the cheapest and fastest option and he does not care about quality. I made a tour at the shop and I actually saw shoe brands I had never heard before. With his help I was able to distinguish a series of attributes regarding the shoes that make them stand out and give them high quality. Then he talked to me about consumer preferences and how the store used to be favored by everyone. The highlight of the shop used to be a parrot who was making funny sounds and was talking to the people. Everyone knew him and identified him with the store. A unique shop with character and quality!

Fay Iliopoulou

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