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Be well aware of the danger of easily getting a parking ticket in the amount up to 50 euros, when parked incorrectly on the streets of the Railway station quartile in Frankfurt am Main. From 10:30 until 14:30 each day of the week, one might become a victim of two ruthless parking controllers walking up and down the Elbe and the Weser street. After 14:30 PM the parking is free of charge.

In their own words – the amount of parking tickets written in one day may exceed 50 parking tickets, yet the minimal amount written in the short 4 hours is never less that 30 parking tickets.

As one might see in the pictures attached, people tent to use various methods to avoid the potential parking tickets. Some write a lovely begging letter with hearts and smiley faces and place them on the spot of the missing parking permission ticket. Some try violence upon the controllers afterwards the penalty has been already distributed. Yet ironically, the ones applying violence, are never the Hells Angels Club member – they, by the worlds of the controllers themselves – have never been unfriendly nor lost respect nor applied any kind of violence, physical nor verbal towards the controllers.

Yet they might also have some mercy and just give you a warning sign by marking your tyres white, as seen on the pictures.



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