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I went along with my roommate to the hairdresser „The Barber of Seville“, situated in the HBF neighborhood. It is a cozy little shop, the owner receives Spanish speaking to us, Delfino Garcia (the owner) come from Spain, born in Burgos and raised in Madrid. Delfino has spent 40 years living in Frankfurt and working as a hairdresser. He told us his beginnings at the hairdresser in Spain and Germany. He began working in a hotel and then opened his barbershop in HBF VIERTEL. He told us that was the most expensive hairdresser across the city and tail for a haircut came to the corner. The service was great and very welcoming, Delfino hair cut my roommate using different razors. A highly recommended place to go to cut your hair if you want to have a good conversation and a great result.

Pablo Osuna García